Aloha Fiberglass Pools

A backyard pool is a big investment, and you owe it to yourself to insist that the manufacturer of your pool, its factories, materials, products, and workmanship consistently meets or exceeds set standards for quality, consistency and code compliance.

Aloha is proud to be one of only two fiberglass pool manufacturers whose pools have been tested, evaluated, approved, and deemed CODE COMPLIANT anywhere in the nation. ICC Evaluation Service is the agency that all building officials recognize as the experts in determining code compliance for all building materials. ICC has tested and evaluated Aloha Fiberglass Pools and deemed them code compliant anywhere in the nation.


The most widely appreciated benefit of a Aloha Fiberglass Pool is the ease of caring for it. The difference is the pool surface, which is smooth and non-porous, so it will not alter the water chemistry in any way. The inert surface keeps the pH stable thereby requiring substantially fewer chemicals.

Algae and dirt cannot hide in the surface of a fiberglass pool. It merely rests on the surface where it can quickly and easily be whisked away. The surface is smooth, but lightly textured, providing little resistance to the water, so you'll only need to operate your electric pump only a few hours each day.


Aloha Pools come in a wide variety of stunning and popular designs with two exclusive finishes--AquaMarine® White and PebbleBeach® (four colors). The pools are manufactured of multi-layer composites with carbon fiber and honeycomb composite reinforcement. The stairs have an exclusive "Sure Step®" stair tread texture and optional inlaid stair trim tile.

All Aloha Pools are proudly manufactured in the USA.


Aloha Fiberglass Pools have a 15-year surface warranty and a 75-year structural warranty--the longest manufacturers warranty in the fiberglass pool industry.

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